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Numb - Linkin Park (cover) Chris Brenner

by ChrisBrennerMusic , at 2017-07-24T16:00:24.000Z , has 89655 play
Numb - Linkin Park (cover) Chris Brenner

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Song title Numb - Linkin Park (cover) Chris Brenner
Tags chris, brenner, linkin park, numb, hands held high, lost in the echo, tribute, chester bennington, live, meteora, a thousand suns
Duration 3:23
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it really hurts to write this.
linkin park was one of the first bands that really got me into music and i still remember as i started out, i tried learning all their songs on the piano.
numb was the first one.
i also remember that one of our first covers on this channel was “lost in the echo” (no longer online, because i didn’t want to torture anyone with that). i remember watching every studio diary they posted and seeing Chester as one of the greatest singers and songwriters out there, thinking that maybe one day i could get to where they are. i remember making my own little remix of “the catalyst” for their remix contest and i remember listening to “a thousand suns” half a million times. i found one of my best friends, Patrick, because we both shared the same love for their music and i remember sitting in school, talking about every song they released and how much we loved this album in particular.
(please listen to “a thousand suns” if you have not yet)a month ago i got to see them live for the first time and i deeply regret that I missed my chance of standing in the front row. the energy these guys had on stage was incredible and despite lots of the people disliking their newest album, they put on an incredible show that night.

Most importantly though they taught me as an artist that it is okay to do things differently. that people will always have the right to criticize and form their option about your art, but at the end of the day it has be you who is content with what you do and no one else. They taught me that it’s okay to take risks, even if it may seem like you are the only one standing behind what you do.

this little video probably won’t ever do justice to what this band meant to me over the years.
hope you found your peace and thanks for everything, Chester.

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Numb - Linkin Park (cover) Chris Brenner - written by ChrisBrennerMusic , published at 2017-07-24T16:00:24.000Z, categorized as chris, brenner, linkin park, numb, hands held high, lost in the echo, tribute, chester bennington, live, meteora, a thousand suns, data is provided by Youtube.
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