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Erik Santos - Your love

by BbyRei13 , at 2009-10-23T03:25:59.000Z , has 362432 play
Erik Santos - Your love

Song Details

Song title Erik Santos - Your love
Tags Erik, Santos, Your, love, Rei, BbyRei13
Duration 4:36
Bitrate 128Kbps

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[L]yric :
Your Love

Youre the one that never lets me sleep
To my mind, down to my soul you touch my lips
Youre the one that I cant wait to see
With you here by my side im in ecstasy

I am all alone without you
My days are dark without a glimpse of you
But now that you came into my life
I feel complete
The flowers bloom, my morning shines
And I can see

Your love is like the sun
That lights up my whole world
I feel the warmth inside
Your love is like the river
That flows down through my veins
I feel the chill inside

Every time I hear our music play
Reminds me of the things that weve been through
In my mind I cant believe its true
But in my heart the reality is you

[repeat refrain]

[repeat chorus] x2

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Erik Santos - Your love - written by BbyRei13 , published at 2009-10-23T03:25:59.000Z, categorized as Erik, Santos, Your, love, Rei, BbyRei13, data is provided by Youtube.
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